Perspectives: A Cheat Sheet for Submitting Authors

Tips for Writing a Great Article



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Academic writing is not easy, but it is perfected with practice, time, and of course, reading research to see how it is done. Yet, researchers sometimes flounder because they lack writing experience. They may have good analytical skills, but writing to communicate research is a key skill, which differs from writing a novel for instance. Even if the research conducted is important, without the ability to communicate it properly through writing, the paper not only loses its value, but the significance of the findings fails to be shared at a great loss to the scientific community as well as the general populace it purports to represent. It is not by obtaining a PhD that academics become good writers. Thus, what follows are tips for university students, young graduates, and budding researchers who want to improve their writing, communicate more effectively, and embark on a stellar academic research career.

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Sabrina Alsubaiei

Sabrina Alsubaiei is an undergraduate psychology student at the United Arab Emirates University.




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