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.مجلة متخصصة في إستكشاف ماهو متميز في الشرق الاوسط

The Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology (MEJPP) has the primary aim of developing an indigenous positive psychology in the Middle East/North Africa region, with particular although not exclusive, attention to the Arab world. The MEJPP is interested in happiness and wellbeing, as well as positive education, positive media, positive psychology interventions, positive community development, positive health, positive cultural and social development, positive organizational and workplace development, as well as positive psychology coaching.

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Vol. 7 (2021): Post COVID-19: Rebuilding a state of wellbeing

Published: 2021-12-29

Conference Proceedings: Coaching Psychology in a Post-COVID World (IPCD Panel Discussion, October 8-9, 2021)

Silvia King, Dasha Grajfoner, Clare Beckett-McInroy, Guek-Nee Ke, Lucy Bolton
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